Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quiddage Reveiw 2011

What is my favourite part of Quiddage? I really liked the big market day because we had fun making and selling our friendship bracelets.
What was my least favourite part of Quiddage? I didn't really like being the only one cooking for my business  because everyone didn't bother.
What jobs have I had? I'm cheif Payroll, a security officer and I QZ Times Journalist.
How well have I done my jobs? Really well, for cheif Payroll I have made sure everything was done on time, for security we make sure that everything is locked up when we leave and opened up before the class comes back and for QZ Times I write stories for the QZ Times and I interveiw everyone that I need to.
have I owned a business? Yes I have it was called Passion Girlz it was quite successful because a lot of people liked the muffins and buy more than one until we were sold out.
What have I done successfuly this year in Quiddage? I have run a successful business, had fun and made friendship gils friendship bracelet store work n the big market day.
What would I do differently? I would not make the muffins by myself and made more friendship bracelets for the big market day.
I have had learned that doing a job is very important so I have learnt to get my jobs done on time.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and please comment and tell me what I could do better.

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