Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Election Blog Link!

Hope you enjoy our blog our name was QZealand First.

Can you please put comments about our blog on our post and tell me what I could do better.

Election Writing

What did my party do well? We worked as a team, we put our advert together, we chose our colours fairly and we got organised and we wrote our speechs together.
What I did well for my party? I helped everyone to stay focused and on task, I helped to get everyones say in everything, and I helped my team to find our policies.
How good do I think our policies are? I think our policies are good because we need a new throne but the class doesn't want a new one and the student of the week award is really good everyone seems to like it.
What problems did we face? We had trouble getting our two poilicies together in time, we had trouble getting out advert together in time and we had trouble getting our speechs together with everything's say in it.
What were we able to do to overcome those problems? we kept persisting and not giving up and got to our goals.
What will I do better next time? Have more of a deadline and not do all the work fo them.
What have I learnt about elections in NZ? It must be very hard doing this in the real life and hiding our peoblems from the world. I think you must be really trained to get this right. Before we did this I had no idea how hard this would be, int he real world it must be even harder. I didn't know that women weren't allowed to vote and in some countries they still can't.
How do I feel about the out come? A little disappoiting because we worked so hard at this and just as a reward would be winning the election. I can't put myself down because we know we did well and we should be ecstatic for Kids Party and Ana. I am happy for them. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Term 4 P.I. Self Assesment

    Shows weeks of work
    Audience is very interested
    I've done the work myself
    Research in my words – with my personality in it
    Contains humour(?)
    Interaction with the audience
    Speech is confident, clear and with action and expression

    Shows three or four weeks of work
    Information is interesting and in my own words
    Adults have supported me without doing work for me
    Some humour (?)
    Some interaction with the audience
    Audience is attentive and interested
    Speech is clear

    Shows about a week’s work
    A little information – some in my own words
    Adults have done some of the work for me
    No interaction with the audience
    No humour
    Poor presentation
    Few pictures
Mostly reads the info from the presentation

    Reads the words on the presentation
Clearly started at the last minute
    Hardly any info
    Parents have done a lot of it for me
    No pictures or steps
    Copied straight off the internet
    No humour
    Not finished on time
    Untidy presentation
    Speech is not very clear

My term 4 P.I

My term 4 P.I was on how to make a healthy 2 course meal. What do you think about it?