Sunday, November 20, 2011

My term 4 P.I

My term 4 P.I was on how to make a healthy 2 course meal. What do you think about it?


  1. Well done, Caitlin. You're a movie maker! You edited that superbly - not an easy job AT ALL! My only complaint would be that I really wanted to smell and taste it. I bet it was scrumptious.

  2. Great P.I Cat
    I really liked how you had a quiz/test.
    The sound in the backround let it down.

    Thor Sam

  3. Good job, you could make movies as a living it was clear and easy steps. Next time tell us when to start cause people were waiting cause they didnt know that we had started.

    Maddi Ana

  4. good job cat we liked how you did it on food and how you filmed it but next time you could have better lighting and speak louder and clearer.

  5. great job on the editing Caitlin- Though you probably could've made the credits slower. Like how you did the worksheets.

    Anna, Jam, Cindy, Bex

  6. Great P.I Cat I think you did a great editing job it was like a proffessional movie it was spectacular.
    From Ty Josh Thomas

  7. Well done caitlin Youre movie was well edited and you could here you taliking a part from when your mum was breathing so loudly.Next time you should make have a longer time fot the test.
    Natalya and linda

  8. Great PI Caitlin!
    In the video you spoke loud and clear and you had a really good topic! Next time you could zoom in more so you can see you better 'cause it was really far away.
    -Hannah and Alana

  9. Great P.I catlin I would like to eat that may be you could spek clearer in the movie